Dear People In Crowded Parking Lots

For Canada’s day I participated in the act of firework watching. We didn’t go right into the heart of city hall but watched close-by on the porches of a nearby movie theater.

It was a lovely night. That was until we had to leave the underground parking lot of Square One along with 10,000 others. It was chaos, and to everyone there (and in future crowded parking lots) I want to say the following:

  • Unless a)your house is on fire, b)someone is dying or c)both you aren’t entitled to get out of the parking lot any faster than anybody else
  • Just because your soccer(/sports) team lost (Italy) that day, it doesn’t mean you can take it out on other drivers by yelling freakishly out your car window
  • Don’t signal until you fully decide what direction you are going to turn.
  • Road markings indeed point in the right direction. Don’t imagine your own.
  • Unless suicide is your intention, don’t get up and walk around in the mob of cars.
  • Tailgating while you are stuck on a slope is a bad idea.
  • Circling around a parking lot with one exit won’t get you anywhere.
  • Just because I’m a cute little Asian girl doesn’t mean I’ll let you cut me off.

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