More Than Sandwiches At Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi Boys have been quite the hype around Toronto for the past little while. We were in the area for a concert recently and finally decided to try it. The menu was pretty extensive for Banh Mi sandwiches. I didn’t know you could put more than just ham in them! I ordered the Five Spice Pork Belly Bahn Mi.

The sandwich was was way bigger than I thought for a price of $5.99. Delicious sweet pork belly was sandwiched into the traditional Vietnamese sandwich ingredients of pickled carrots, radishm cilantro and cucumber.

Nash ordered the Braised Beef Cheek Bahn Mi. The baguette was filled with meat! Even with just the sandwiches we would have been stuffed.

However, not knowing what the portions was like before we ordered (remember we’re big eaters), I also had the Kimchi Fries. Yes you heard right. Kimchi on fries. Oh, and pulled pork. These 3 ingredients don’t normally sound like things that go together, but it did. And it was pretty damn addictive. I gobbled most of it up. The fries and 2 sandwiches was way too much food for the both of us though.

For a fad restaurant, I expected the prices to be way higher than they were. I’m glad it isn’t because they offer a nice selection of sandwiches as well as tacos and steamed baos. My only concern about the place is that you have to prey like a hawk for seating in their small squishy location.

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2 thoughts on “More Than Sandwiches At Banh Mi Boys

  1. Glad to hear it’s good. I don’t know much about Vietnamese food so I’ve been hesitant to try it despite all the buzz, but its literally two seconds from me and always pretty busy. Any recommendations for someone new to this cuisine? Tacos always rule so that option sounds interesting.

    1. If you’re just trying Bahn Mi Boys there is nothing too scary about it, unless you’re afraid of carrots LOL. Even traditional vietnamese bahn mi’s are’t scary they are like ham sandwiches with a touch of cilantro haha.

      I think tacos are like a mini version of the sandwiches, except in a taco and $3.99 ish so a good place to start if you’re not ready for the full sandwich. I loved the pork belly..soooo good.

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