Dear J.K. Rowling, Stop Ruining Books

jkrowlingThis post isn’t really about the fact she killed some of the best characters in Harry Potter, but I thought she wasn’t going to do that again. Dear JK Rowling, The Casual Vacancy was a horribly written book.

I always finish books, so I have read the entire thing cover to cover. The characters, although living in a fictional society seemed like they were meant to be realistic. After all, she was trying to prove she could write an adult fiction novel that didn’t involve wizards and magic. However, Rowling draws stereotypes to their extreme. There’s the kid who thinks too much about being “authentic”, the kid who lives in a house of domestic abuse, the poor child living in the drug-addict ridden neighbourhood etc. It’s not even creative and the events in the book seem to be put in for mere shock factor. Drugs, rape, violence, deaths, infidelity.. basically the whole 9 yards.

Most of the book is about people being petty and selfish eventually succumbing to their desires. The children also enjoying ruining the lives of the adults and there is no resolution for these problems.

You come to really care for this one troubled teen with a drug addicted mother and get tricked into thinking her life will be better in the end. BUT THEN SHE FUCKING DIES. I’m not one to judge graphic content matter in a book, but all of the events in The Casual Vacancy were pointless. They didn’t lead anywhere or teach anything. I’ve read books that made me cry or made me think deeply about a subject. This book just left me vacant. Maybe that was what she wanted. Haha, you got me J.K. Rowling.

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