Board Games: King of Tokyo, Ricochet Robots and Survive!

I had not visited Snakes and Lattes post-renovation until a few days ago. The wall between both sides had been torn down, resulting in a much more open space. The bar became larger and the front area a big storefront for board games.
20130407-182304.jpgPicking completely random things from the shelves are my specialty so I chose King of Tokyo.
In the game you choose a monster and literally try to take over Tokyo. A set of die is rolled to determine what happens: gain cubes to buy cards, attack, gain victory points. The first to 20 victory points or the last survivor wins.
Ricochet Robots is like that ice maze in Mohagony Gym in Pokemon Gold:
Except with robots.
20130407-182353.jpgThe person who solves the most puzzles in the least amount of moves wins.
This Survive! board game had a lame slogan like “A Sea Full of Dangers and Oceans of Fun”.
The game is from the 1980’s and I have to hand it to them, it was quite entertaining. The island in the middle disappears as you take turns flipping parts of it over. The premise of the game is to try and get as many of your people to the safe islands as possible with some people worth more points than others. The board is full of distractions such as whirlpools, sharks, sea monsters and whales that make life much harder for your coloured dudes.
Post-renovation, Snakes and Lattes had a few new things on the menu including a Nutella Latte.
Of course, I tried it.

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