DIY Puzzles

Last year, instead of buying a card for Nash’s birthday I made him this puzzle message for him to build. I drew cartoon US and some characters from Adventure Time.

The puzzles themselves came inexpensively from an Asian boutique. I was browsing through Etsy today and found these unique ones.

This Puzzle Guestbook from Heartstruck designs is an interesting way to keep track of your guests at a wedding. It also comes in a variety of colours!

This 8 Piece Heart shaped puzzle is made from chipboard. Perfect for heavier art mediums like paint!

And if you want to keep it simple this Blank DIY Puzzle is perfect for you.

Happy Puzzling!

Burger Day @ Wychwood Barns

IMG_2189Burger Week was last week and 64 restaurants around town put a special $5 on their menu. Yesterday, all these places gathered together at Artscape Wychwood Barns for Burger Day. Slider versions of the participating restaurants’ $5 burger were served all-you-can eat style.

IMG_2179The event started at 11am, but we didn’t arrive until 1:30. A few of the vendors had already given out all their burgers. If Soup Stock last year taught me anything, long lines don’t necessarily mean the best product. This pushed us to try some less buzzed places with shorter lines.

IMG_2181We pounced on Emma’s Country Kitchen’s line because it was short. This was a vegan burger but it was a nice light start. The crispy corn and chickpea fritter was actually very good! I could eat 10 of these.

IMG_2183IMG_2193Hey Meatball‘s slider was like a mini version of their sandwich with their signature tomato jam.

This juicy burger from Habits Gastropub looks pretty plain photo-wise but it had the best flavour. It was stuffed with short ribs and cheddar. The citrus beet-relish was my favourite part.

IMG_2191Gameday served up a classic tasting burger. I think mine was missing teh chimichurri.

IMG_2196IMG_2200New food start-up Bold Creations was the best finding of the day. Their burger was made with Boerewors a South-African sausage. Oh and there was also brie, and goat cheese. And a sauce with a kick. Definitely the flavour punch of the day.

IMG_2201Greasy spoon The Lakeview‘s slider had some crunchy onions.

IMG_2205I love The Works but I thought their (more half burger) slider was lacking the excitement that is usually found in the restaurant’s menu of 72 burgers.

IMG_2206IMG_2212IMG_2209Slider Revolution provided an Asian twist on our bunned friend and the other had a semi-sweet bacon jam.

IMG_2216We accidentally stood in Beer Bistro‘s line for fries that came in a generous portion (for free).

IMG_2218IMG_2221Utopia Cafe had a lovely Italian sausage and beef patty. It was juicy and had a spicey ketchup.

burgerStockyards had by far the longest line yesterday. Coincidentally we actually went to the actual restaurant on Friday to grab the full burger. It was so packed we had to sneak our burger to the McDonalds across the street to eat it. It was definitely worth the trip for their delicious chicken-fried-steak burger.

Next year I’m definitely going to try to get there close to opening hour!

Henry’s Exposure Show

Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
On Saturday, I attended Henry’s Exposure Photo & Video Imaging Show. It was camera gear galore but there were also mini stations to practise different types of photography. I was carrying the heavy 70-200mm which I’m not quite used to yet but I was happy with the results.

Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013Parrots in the bird station.

Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
An alternative burlesqueish model.

Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013

There was this random couple (or so I think) posing for fake wedding photos. I edited these shots to make them softer and wedding-like.

Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Random girl on a motorcycle

Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
There was this awesomely lit chair where you could sit and take your own photographs and my parents wanted some photos.

And some more random photos:
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013Exposure Photo Expo 6/1/2013
It was fun shooting in different styles and I think I didn’t do too badly!