Six Dollar Shirts

I saw the ad for Six Dollar Shirts as a Google Ad on Ride the Tempo. I was lured in by their promise of cheap T-shirts. The shirts are $6, but if you want a fitted female one they are $6.50. This is still not bad compared to other sites like Threadless. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. I think 10 shirts are only $50. The shipping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. I was testing if they were a legit company so I went with a safe 3 shirts. I chose geeky tees like the one pictured above.

Adventure Time!
Adventure Time!

The selections aren’t the greatest but I took the time to dig through and found ones I liked. This Adventure Time design is definitely worth the price. For the most part the prints are monochromatic, but are available in multiple shirt colours.
IMG_3712I also purchased this simple and cute, konami code shirt. The girl shirts fit well and are not boxy, so they are worth the extra 50 cents. The shirts shipped in like 2 weeks. While I waited though, I actually thought they might be a scam. I didn’t receive any notice of the items being “shipped” even though the original order confirmation said there would be. I thought I’d mention that as a warning. However, I received my shirts so the company is totally legit!

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