Moleskine Celebrates The Cassette

photo 1I love Moleskine notebooks and I usually have one in some shape or form around me at all times. During NXNE, I lost my mini-staff paper ruled book I was using for concert reviews. Funny story, it’s actually somewhere on the other side of the world. A musician had found it while in town for the festival and I told her she could keep it.
photo 4To celebrate the cassette’s 50th anniversary, Moleskine recently released this Limited Edition Audio Cassette Notebook. I bought the pocket one to replace my old concert notebook but a full-size is also available.
photo 3Inside the covers are some cassette and analogue-style decals. The spine even has player controls.
photo 2They included some stickers and of course their official booklet. Tomorrow is Cassette Store Day but I think this is the farthest I’ll go in supporting the cause. The only cassette I’ve ever owned is Pokemon the First Movie’s soundtrack.

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