The Hypocrisy Behind Goldie Blox


This post has nothing to do with the copyright case regarding Goldie Blox’s parody of Beastie Boys’ “Girls” in their most recent ad campaign. This new toy line called Goldie Blox has become increasingly popular due to its marketing as a smart toy for girls. However, it fails to see that they are the very problem that they are seemingly trying to fix.

The company’s aim is to “disrupt the pink isle and inspire the future generation of female engineers”. However, if you look at their product line, everything remains in the stereotypical girlish colours of pink and purple, continuing the notion that these are the only toys for our little girls. I am by no means a self-identified feminist (or even a parent) but I do believe in the fact that little girls (and boys) should be exposed to different toys as a child.

I never was the one to play with dolls, I thought they were boring. As a child, I loved to play with what was considered boys toys: Lego, K’nex, video games. I was made fun of in school at an early age for having the “wrong” toys (like a Thomas the Tank Engine train set) . The girls didn’t want to be my friends because I owned few Barbies and didn’t want to play Mystery Date. I hung out with the boys and discovered things like NES and Pokemon cards. For Christmas one year I asked for that machine where you could make your own edible gummy creatures, except I received the one that made dolls.

Though everyone may have their own style of parenting and beliefs, I will show my future child that they don’t have to follow the conventions of society. They don’t have to choose the pink or the blue toys. I believe that if we want our children to grow up to be engineers, scientists and creative people than it starts from the parents, not the toys we buy them.

Accurate infographic
Accurate infographic

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TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

I rarely post about products (unless they are social media or internet obtained), but lately I’ve had an obsession with Asian beauty products because of their adorable designs. In addition, they are super affordable. This lip scrub from Tony Moly comes in a lip shaped container.

The cream itself is white with little sand-like beads. There weren’t really any English instructions, or room for any, (since there wasn’t a box) so I figured it out by reading other people’s reviews of the product. I took a tiny amount and rubbed it on my lips for a minute or two and felt the granules rubbing off the dead skin. It didn’t hurt or anything. After washing it off, my lips felt much smoother!

I recommend this product for dry lips, or any one who is a chronic lip biter (like me). It makes lip stick and glosses last much longer the next day too.

Here Teddy Teddy

I feel like I haven’t posted photos of Teddy in a while, though I could totally be wrong. Despite what it looks like, it’s actually impossible to get him to look at the camera. A lot of shouting and waving things around is involved. Here are some shots of him basically blending into the basement carpet.

Curating Awesome On Tumblr


Recently, I made a personal Tumblr page. Obviously, I’ve used Tumblr before but they were all for clients or themed websites like photos of my dog, music, pokemon chibis, elegant books and of course my photography blog. I previously never saw the value of having a page for reblogging or sharing whatever tickled my curiosities. Then I made one.

Interestingly, I’ve gained a modest following in the short time I’ve had it. I didn’t think people would find my content curation that interesting, but apparently they do! I mix in both original (that I’ve created) and things others made that I find interesting, inspiring or just down right entertaining. I’m also going to be venturing into the world of graphic design and creative photography projects I’ve been wanting to attempt for a while. Don’t worry I’m not leaving this place! Tumblr is just quicker and easier for sharing things instantly. I’ll probably share the projects here, once they are more refined (don’t want to bog you guys down!).

Looking at other people’s Tumblrs, I find it fascinating that even blogs with a huge reblog ratio have a certain personality and character. Now in using it, I totally understand why the network is popular, beyond humour blogs.

You can find me on Tumblr at

My Thoughts on the Google+ Integration on Youtube


There has been a lot of chatter about the recent Google + integration with Youtube. Personally, I’ve been using the social network on and off ever since it first went beta. Right now, it is mostly auto-publishing feeds from my personal blog and Youtube channel.

In contrast, I haven’t actually been an active Youtube user until recently. Obviously I have watched countless videos on Youtube but since I wasn’t an active contributor I didn’t find it that necessary to leave comments. I did find however that I started to comment more after the Youtube name-change to connect ourselves with our Google+ identities. Maybe I wanted more followers on a network I had an iffy relationship with.

There’s a lot not to like about the integration though. For one, if you have separate Youtube pages for different things, you have to manage different Google + profiles. In my case, Ride the Tempo has a channel for occasional live videos. However, I find that the general music fan or listener isn’t highly active on Google+ (as I’ve tried managing a page in the past) so I wish that it could also be connected to my personal page, which people seem to follow. I do believe that there are plenty of users on Google+, as I am in more than 300 users’ circles. That’s more than the followers most people have on Twitter.

Another issue is the publishing of comment to the poster’s Google + feed. Although this can be an asset for users (as their content gets shared), it is somewhat of a nuisance when I want to leave a quick comment on something I don’t want to necessarily share (or share again if it’s my second comment on the same video). Since, it is Google+ based there is no longer a character limit on comments. As a new Vlogger, this seems quite intimidating and scary. Troll heaven. Or right now Bob and his stupid tanks world.

Instead of forcing Google+ on us, Google should have done a much better job explaining what it is for in the first place. It has some snazzy features (hangouts, photo editors) but the original marketing as a better Facebook or Twitter when those existed is comparable to Microsoft’s attempt to sell us the Zune.

12 Days of Holiday Bullshit by Cards Against Humanity

Uh, I totally signed up for this. As you learned from being a Loot Crate subscriber, I’m a sucker when it comes to receiving mysterious junk in the mail. Well, the makers of Cards Against Humanity will send you 12 presents for $12 ($22 if you live in Canada). There are only a limited number of slots left and as I write this, only 5327. You can sign up at 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit. Don’t worry, I’ll be documenting my gifts.


I Met Chris Pirillo!


This weekend was Buffer Festival in Toronto, the city’s first ever Youtube film festival. Personally, I haven’t participated in the Youtube scene until recently, but when I found out Chris Pirillo would be in Toronto I jumped on the chance to meet him.

I actually found Chris originally on Twitter in the social network’s early days. He was a recommended follow (and he followed me back!). I checked out his social feeds and was enticed by his wacky personality and had been watching his videos ever since.

His Buffer Festival panel, which took place inside the CN Tower’s Maple Leaf Theatre, was about tech on Youtube. The main point to take away was that tech is an enabler, not a destination. He also did a Youtube livestream review of the new iPad Air right in front of us. It was cool to see how the whole process worked and how reading comments could be rather addictive.

After the panel, we met in the meetup room at the Metro Convention Centre and he signed my GoPro. I figured that would be the most appropriate since he was the one who had influenced me to vlog in the first place. The real fun started when the planned meetup was over and a few of us gathered together to have lunch with Chris! We all had different stories of how we discovered his videos. It was fascinating to learn how his videos had touched all of our lives in some way. He actually shared this in his vlog (life goal achieved)!

Through Chris I learnt that when creating content (Youtube or elsewhere), to always be myself. He’s made a living through just being himself and I hope that’s something I can achieve too, to just do what I love.

Of course, here’s my vlog of the day:

Disposable Project Toronto

At the first edition of this year’s Long Winter, I took part in the Disposable Project. It’s an on-going interactive installation that aims to re-purpose everyday forgotten and thrown-away items. Participants were encouraged to draw on coffee cups in hopes of provoking dialogues for consumption. On my cup, I doodled me thinking about a burger.

Wings @ Game Day

Nash had a craving for chicken wings, so we Googled around until we found a place we haven’t been with good old American-style wings. We ended up at Game Day in Little Italy. It was a little dark in there so my phone photos aren’t very good but you can watch our adventure in this Vlog.

We ordered Jalapeno poppers (not pictured) to start and gobbled them up right away. For wings we opted for one dry, one sauced. Nash chose the grilled buffalo chicken wings and I chose the jerk wings. The wings themselves were big and far from dinky ones (like you’d get at Kelsey’s). They were also very flavourful and the jerk rub was generous.

The atmosphere of the place was very sporty. There were jerseys on the walls and tons of big screens to watch whatever sport you wish. They actually asked what we were there to watch, but we were really there just to eat food. The name of the place must also come from the fact they have a board game at each table. We had a faux Connect 4 but I looked over and saw Operation on another table, and a bunch of Jenga sets. It’s definitely a cool place to chill, watch the game and eat some comfort food.

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Loot Crate- October 2013 Edition

IMG_9648I finally received my October Loot Crate yesterday. Since it was the month of Halloween, the theme for October was “Survive”. You can check out my unboxing video on Youtube and check out the contents below.

IMG_9654Like the past crates, there was the official guide to all the box’s contents. Loot Crate also made these temporary tattoos so I could pick sides in the zombie apocalypse.

IMG_9649Online card service Open Me provided this adorable gut-loving card. The service which is affiliated with T-shirt Threadless allows you to send cards to people for only $4.

IMG_9657Oh and if you actually like guts, they’ve included some in candy form. I got a heart.

IMG_9653Loot Crate Labs also created these 8-bit game inspired buttons. I received two sets somehow!

IMG_9661IMG_9677My favourite item from this month’s crate was this T-shirt. It’s a mashup of Walking Dead and the Ewoks from Star Wars. So adorable!

IMG_9656Graphic Lab, the maker of the tee provided a $5 discount code and I’m now an official Zombie Hunter with this ID.

IMG_9662Since I am a Zombie Hunter now, this guide proves quite useful. I’ve seen this around in stores before but was never interested in zombies enough to buy it. Now that I own it, I’ll definitely read it out of curiosity.

Loot Crate has definitely outdone itself with these crates and the value within. If you use the code NEXTGEN: you ca save $3 on next week’s crate: