Brunch @ Rose & Sons

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For New Years Brunch Karol, Nash and I went out for brunch at Rose & Sons. Originally we had planned a return to Big Crow (the restaurant in the backyard) but it was closed for recovery from the night before. Understandably, it’s such a small space to hold any sort of big party. Luckily the main restaurant was open for brunch and we arrived early enough to grab the last table before it got too busy. Those unfamiliar with the place might accidentally pass it since outside it still sports the “Food” and “Hamburger” signs that were part of the former People’s Foods. The place is very small and snug so a reservation or wait may usually be required.
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I had a cappuccino to wake me up ($3.50).

Somehow all three of us really wanted the Grilled Brie Cornbread with brisket, fried egg, maple syrup,  and chili sauce and onions ($14). Everything went together in perfect harmony. The brie was generous and made its way into the cornbread. The caramelized onions and brisket were sweet and paired well with the perfectly cooked fried egg, bread and cheese for the perfect bite. It was a hefty meal, but the three of us cleared our plates. I wish we all had varied choices so that we could’ve tried other things but that would’ve meant sharing the delicious cornbread with others! It was just that delicious and definitely worth waking up before noon on New Years to make the journey. What a comforting meal for those of us needing a recovery from the previous night’s shenanigans.

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