iPad Menus @ 168 Sushi Buffet

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Mom’s favourite thing is AYCE sushi so for her birthday we took her to 168 Sushi Buffet where they took on the new trend of iPad menus. We went for lunch and I don’t think they took reservations so we waited over 20 minutes for a table. It was one of those cold Polar Vortex days but people kept coming in and were all eager for a table at this relatively small restaurant.

Lunches at the restaurant are cheaper but do not have sashimi, so if you want the raw fish without all the rice than dinner would be preferred. They did have a large assortment of non-japanese items. There was Thai, Korean and Chinese dim sum dishes that were available in addition to the Sushi and included in the lunch price ($14.99 – I think).

This was my first experience ordering off an iPad menu. It had this large case screwed on it to prevent the user from pressing the home button and going outside the menu. I felt it accommodated the large food selection well and had lovely photos that made all the food look very appetizing. The annoying part was that sometimes we would order something and it wouldn’t come. I enjoyed this salmon salad a lot and ordered more but it didn’t appear. I tried an additional time and the screen told me it was coming, but never did.

In my opinion the iPad was a tool that enabled the workers to be lazy. They could blame complicated orders not coming on technology. Waitresses only came when you confirmed an order on the iPad or when they were delivering food. There was often many empty plates waiting on our table to be taken away. I eventually figured out how to call a person by confirming an empty order.I curiously wonder what it must be like to work in the kitchen that deals with the receiving end of these iPad orders. I feel like the whole idea is a bit of a marketing gimmick.

The food was decent and there was a large selection of it, but it was not particularly memorable. Soups were a bit cold for my liking. However, the fried pudding dessert is recommended.

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12 Days of Bullshit by Cards Against Humanity Roundup

IMG_1393Last month I participated in Cards Against Humanity’s 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit. For $22 (I had to pay more as a Canadian), the idea was that I would receive 12 individual gifts in the mail. Since the mail around the holidays was a bit crazy, I ended up getting my packages in chunks. Each came in envelopes with creative doodles.

Untitled-1In the end I received 10 envelopes. I was missing one the contained a lump of coal and on the 10th day our dollar was donated to DonorsChoose.org. I thought that was an awesome way to give back during the holidays.

IMG_1405About half of the packs were themed cards that could be added to existing Cards Against Humanity kits. They were as offensive as I’d expected. I personally don’t have a deck, but now I feel like I need one.

IMG_1394My favourite card was of course this one with my name on it. This could lead to some sticky situations.

IMG_1399 Day 6 included these really random posters from The Post Family. You can download your own versions of these posters here.

IMG_1401Day 8 was a commissioned funny pages which included works from Allie Brosh, Ryan North, John Campbell, Nick Gurewitch and more. All the comics can be read here.

IMG_1397What made this experience worth it was being the first to have access to Clusterfuck!, a new card game. It’s a simple game where the goal is to have a threesome.

“Clusterfuck is played in two phases. First, players go around the table and pass each other sexy notes. Once each player has passed notes, everyone closes their eyes and points to the people they want to hook up with with one or both hands.

Then, everyone opens their eyes. If two players are exclusively pointing to each other, they score, and each gets one point. If three players are all pointing to one another and forming a threesome they each get three points for their feat of sexual teamwork. The first player (or players) to get three or more points wins the game. A successful threesome immediately ends the game, just like Quidditch.”

IMG_1395I haven’t had a chance to try this game yet, as it requires a group of people (and not suited for family play) but it sounds hilarious. Just like Cards Against Humanity, you can download your own pdf version of the game on their website.

I didn’t expect any extravagant gifts from this experience, so I thought it was a lot of fun. I don’t own Cards Against Humanity because I mostly play it at Snakes and Lattes but now I feel like I should. I love mystery mail so I hope there will be more stuff like this in the future.

Ride the Tempo Redesign


A new year called for a new redesign on my music blog Ride the Tempo. For a while, I was obsessed with the purple dark background of the past. I’ve been wanting to change the colours and make it easier to read for long-form posts. Yesterday, in light of my resolution (or lack of) just do it, I did it. I went into the CSS and made all the necessary tweaks. Other changes including making the Disqus comment box larger and switching the plugin I used for related posts. I also redesigned the logo a bit so that it would match the new colours.

While tweaking the site is a continuous endeavour, the new colours make it easier to test new features. I’m very happy with it so far and excited to continue sharing emerging Canadian musicians with all my readers.

Candy Sushi By Poppin’ Cookin’

One of my Christmas goodies from my sister Livia and her boyfriend Paul was this Poppin’ Cookin’ candy sushi kit. I’ve posted about a few of these kits previously but this is the first I’ve bought that is supposed to resemble real food. There’s another one out there that looks like ramen but I haven’t been able to find it ever again.

Inside the box there are various powders in coloured packaging and a plastic dish to mix all the ingredients. The instructions on the back are all in Japanese so if it weren’t for the colour coding, I would have no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Luckily the pictures were clear enough. The plastic wrap for the container also had molding guides for shaping the “seaweed” and “rice” elements.

My sushi didn’t look as appetizing as the ones on the box but it was a lot of fun to make. The most interesting part was dropping one liquid into another to create the fishballs. In terms of the taste of the actual candy, it was very sweet.

Every colour was a different flavour so if you took a full bite of actual sushi it would be like eating a fistfull of different colour gummy bears.  There was even fake soy sauce which I thought was hilarious. The fishballs  resembled those fruit balls you can get at Froyo places.

These kits are such a fascinating idea. I must hunt down the ramen one and see if there are any others. I’m not a fan of eating them but making them is a lot of fun. I wonder if there are other brands or even the American equivalents.

My Resolution This Year is to Have None

In the past I’ve written so many post about resolutions and things like that but this year I am going to have none. I made the Vlog below to talk about why.

Loot Crate- December 2013 Edition

December’s Loot Crate will be the final I’ll receive for a while. After too much holiday spending, I had to unsubscribe for the time being, until I have more extra income. Here’s what was inside! You can also watch my video unboxing here.

IMG_1303This month’s theme was Console Wars. Looks like things are still peaceful in this magnet of retro game controllers holding hands.

IMG_1300Every fighter needs some energy right? They gave some to us in the form of “Energems” bite sized mint chocolates. 3 of them apparently equals one energy drink. They also threw in a coupon for $1 off in case we need to recharge.

IMG_1307The more random (but awesome) of the items was the Tin-tastic activity kit from Funko. Inside each tin are stickers, pencils and erasers (mine are in the shape of Iron Man). The tin also makes great storage for any weird collectibles you might have.

IMG_1304I’m sure you’ve all experience the thing where your controller pads have fallen out leaving something that occasional cuts your thumbs. Well Grip It provided the solution to those problems with these mini pads.

IMG_1305Catbug and Impossibear look like they’re ready for war in this sticker.

IMG_1302So you can identify as a geek/gamer.

IMG_1311Last but not least is my favourite item, this mashup of Star Wars and the Console Wars idea. It’s so perfect for the theme.

You can get your own crates here! Use the code LOOT2014 for $3 off.

Brunch @ Rose & Sons

photo 2
For New Years Brunch Karol, Nash and I went out for brunch at Rose & Sons. Originally we had planned a return to Big Crow (the restaurant in the backyard) but it was closed for recovery from the night before. Understandably, it’s such a small space to hold any sort of big party. Luckily the main restaurant was open for brunch and we arrived early enough to grab the last table before it got too busy. Those unfamiliar with the place might accidentally pass it since outside it still sports the “Food” and “Hamburger” signs that were part of the former People’s Foods. The place is very small and snug so a reservation or wait may usually be required.
photo 1
I had a cappuccino to wake me up ($3.50).

Somehow all three of us really wanted the Grilled Brie Cornbread with brisket, fried egg, maple syrup,  and chili sauce and onions ($14). Everything went together in perfect harmony. The brie was generous and made its way into the cornbread. The caramelized onions and brisket were sweet and paired well with the perfectly cooked fried egg, bread and cheese for the perfect bite. It was a hefty meal, but the three of us cleared our plates. I wish we all had varied choices so that we could’ve tried other things but that would’ve meant sharing the delicious cornbread with others! It was just that delicious and definitely worth waking up before noon on New Years to make the journey. What a comforting meal for those of us needing a recovery from the previous night’s shenanigans.

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