Gourmet Hot Dogs @ Fancy Franks

photo 4
After waiting for streetcars a couple of times in front of Fancy Franks, we finally decided to go in and try their hot dogs. They have donuts and poutines too, but we thought it would be weird if we didn’t at least order a hot dog. I had the Franko Fancy-Aano (pictured above). The sausage was wrapped in prosciutto and topped with Reggiano cheese, arugula and and balsamic dijon mustard. There were various other toppings you could choose to add with it but I opted not to tamper too much with their creations and only added olives. There was a tiny bit too much mustard on my dog so it overpowered everything else but I still enjoyed it.

photo 3Nash had The Frankophone, which was covered with cheeses: smoked gruyere, horseradish cheddar, curds and honey dijon mayo. This was definitely a cheese-lovers hot dog.

photo 1 He also had a side of fries which were crispy and golden and came in a generous portion.

photo 2I guess Nash was having a feast because he also had a Vanilla milkshake.

If you’re craving street meat but afraid of how sanitized it is, Fancy Frank’s is a great alternative.

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Canadian International Autoshow

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Thanks to Klout and Chevy Canada, I attended the Canadian International Autoshow.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014I made Nash go with me, and our reaction was a unanimous “OMG SO MANY CARS”. We’re not really “car” people and it’ll be a while until we both decide to purchase cars.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014There were cars from every make and model including this convertible which Nash called the girliest car ever because of its tiny size.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014This concept car of the future is motion controlled, which seems cool but in reality seems like it would be less efficient than a steering wheel.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014I saw a 3D printer (a Makerbot) for the first time printing some mini car models!

Since the Klout perk was sponsored by Chevy, I received some sweet swag which including a power bank for my iPhone and a Klout pin which allowed me to skip the line for the Camero challenge. You can watch me completely fail at the challenge in my vlog. I love the power bank, it’s the most useful thing a brand could give out because everybody has a phone that occasionally needs emergency charging!

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
I’m glad we went to experience the autoshow. I think it’s a great place if you’re looking to buy a car and want to try all the brands out. We saw many people getting in cars and testing the feel out. Entire families went in the mini-vans. When I happened to pass by Union Station on Family Day, I saw dad’s headed to the show with their little sons. That’s such an adorable idea for young car lovers!

Anyways here’s some more random photos of cars:

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014

Quoteskine Volume 1 by Lee Crutchley

I forgot how exactly I stumbled across Lee Crutchley’s Quoteskine project but I loved the idea and bought the book.

IMG_3122Crutchley started the Quoteskine project on Tumblr as a creative way to visualize thoughts and quotes. Some were completely random and others were from songs, TV shows and movies.

IMG_3123The book is collection of his best works (at the time of publishing). The Tumblr is still going so maybe there will be a Volume 2.

Caught an Arcade Fire reference!
Caught an Arcade Fire reference!

The drawings in the book retain their original hand-drawn quality. You can see marker and pencil crayon lines and I adore that he left them unpolished like that. It has convinced me to start my own quote drawing. I have already written down a few ideas. Maybe I’ll share them with you in a later post!

First Impressions: Tony Moly Latte Art Milk- Cacao Pore Pack


As you may know from previous posts, I’ve been obsessed with Asian beauty products because of their adorable design and affordable prices. Plus, Asian people never seem to age so they must work right? Recently, I picked up this Cacao Pore Mask thing from Tony Moly. It came in an adorable mug shaped container!


The product inside was multi-coloured and reminded me of the chocolate and vanilla soft serve mix from ice-cream trucks. It smelled like chocolate and Baileys Irish Cream.


The directions said it had to all be mixed together before using. After mixing, it turned into a greyish brown. The mask is to be applied and left on for 10-15 minute before washing off. When I applied it there was a tingling and almost burning sensation for the first minute or so but it went away. I could feel my pores tightening and within 10 minutes, the mask was fully dry.

After I washed it off, my face was soft and smooth. I felt like it also lightened my skin and hid the redness that I usually have on my cheeks as well as temporarily hid my pores. Not bad for a product that was only $10! You can watch my live first impressions on Youtube. My favourite part was its chocolatey smell that was good enough to eat.

Batman is Unimpressed #4

Batman is at it again..

Batman is Unimpressed #24
Batman is Unimpressed #23
Batman is Unimpressed #22
Batman is Unimpressed #21

Reflecting on Freewriting 1000 Words A Day

teddywritingBack in November of 2013, I stumbled on an article on Medium that talked about making a habit of writing 1000 words a day. Around the same time, I also started to freewrite 1000 words a day and did so for the past few months. Most of it was total freewrite, so any words that came to my fingers or the dreams and thoughts that went through my head.

Some became album reviews, blog posts, tweets and Facebook statuses. The majority were rubbish. I started each morning with the exercise, not ceasing until I had indeed reached at least 1000 words. In the end, it became exhausting. I ran out of things to write and it became repetitive. I also often found myself ruminating in negative thoughts over and over. Sometimes it would take up the entire morning and would leave me with little energy to do anything else (though I think that partially has to do with winter SADS). The quality and my enthusiasm for the exercise had plummeted. I didn’t want to write to fill a quota any longer.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing, hell I’m writing this blog post right now. However, like I said in my New Years Resolutions vlog, I don’t want to set strict guidelines for myself that will make me hate things that I normally enjoy. I’ll remain living in the moment and writing the second inspiration hits, like 11pm right now. I’m sure the 1000 word writing challenge can be helpful and useful to some, but it isn’t for me!

Morning at the Symphony

Yesterday morning, I photographed the Toronto Symphony Orchestra during their rehearsal for a Chinese New Year celebration concert. I wasn’t sure where I was going to post these as they do not really fit Ride the Tempo’s content so I decided to post a few of my favourites here. The full set is available on Flickr.

Roy Thomson Hall
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Cho-Liang Lin
Yuja Wang
Jian Wang
Long Yu
Cho-Liang Lin
Song Zuying

You can check out some rehearsal clips in my vlog.

Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Horse! Here are some random photos I took over the weekend of celebrations:
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014
Chinese New Year 2014

Batman is Unimpressed Pt. 3

Happy Chinese New Year weekend. Batman is still unimpressed…
Batman is Unimpressed #15
Batman is Unimpressed #16
Batman is Unimpressed #17
Batman is Unimpressed #18
Batman is Unimpressed #19
Batman is Unimpressed #20