Miniature Burger Kit by Happy Kitchen

IMG_7392-EditI couldn’t resist when I saw this miniature burger kit by Kracie’s Happy Kitchen when I was at Pacific Mall.

IMG_7393IMG_7395 IMG_7394
As always, the instructions were entirely in Japanese so I colour matched all the packages.

IMG_7396There were many packages of powders and I actually did it wrong at first because there were many orange ones. I ended up having to compare the text on the packaging with the instructions instead. The set needed the microwave to form the fries, bun and patties.

The result was a set that resembled a miniature McDonalds meal and strangely tasted like it too! The fries were salted, burgers meaty and soft drink fizzy. It was strange yet fascinating at the same time.

IMG_7403You can watch me make the burgers in my vlog.

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