Teddy’s First Barkbox

For Teddy’s June birthday, I subscribed him to Barkbox, an online subscription service for dogs that sends goodies and toys every month. There are a few other competitors out there, but Barkbox’s marketing and quality of goodies impresses me above all others.

IMG_3282How it works is you pick your dog’s size (small, medium, large) subscription plan and it is shipped on the 15th of every month. I am Canadian so I assumed it would take a couple weeks to get here and that’s why I ordered it way before his actual birthday. However, I was surprised that it arrived on the 20th, so their shipping times are impressive. It arrived in a branded box with cute wrapping paper.

IMG_3312A card spoke of the month’s warm weather theme and fresh ingredients.

IMG_3291Along those themes were these fruity smelling strawberry biscuits from Max and Ruffy that were wheat and GMO free. ($5.25 retail)

IMG_3286Teddy LOVED this corduroy cat from Loopies Toys. It’s durable but probably won’t stand a chance when Teddy decides he wants to unstuff it’s insides. ($25 retail)

IMG_3290These grain free chicken jerk chews smell as good as the jerky we crave the convenient store. ($12.99 retail)

IMG_3289Lastly this vanilla smelling ball from Mega Last seemed a bit big at first but the dog was soon throwing it around all over the place. I’d be careful with it indoors though!

We’re very happy with our first Bark Box and can’t wait to see what’s in the next one! Right now for a limited time if you sign up with our link http://ruv.barkbox.com/x/CqChIz, you can get 10% off a new Barkbox subscription. 10% of proceeds of every Barkbox goes to a rescue group.

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