Brunch @ Hello Darling

photo 1
As I previously mentioned, Nash moved to an area where there are a gazillion options for places only open during brunch. Recently, we visited Hello Darling, located near Lansdowne & Wallace. Inside it is cute and bright and I don’t feel like I need to dress up to go eat brunch.

photo 3I ordered the Shakshuka ($12), which are baked eggs in a red pepper stew. It was served with a feta salad and these addictive hash browns. They totally forgot to bring me the bread, so I was confused at first, but the shakshuka was very flavourful on it’s own and I totally ate it all, even when I ran out of bread.

photo 4 Nash ordered the Huevos Rancheros ($12) which were fried eggs on corn tortilla served with refried beans, avocado, pico de gaillo, sweet potato and pickled vegetables. All those things on a plate made it so colourful.

photo 2To drink I had a mocha that was a lovely rich chocolate.

I hear the menu changes daily here so we will be back for seconds for sure.

Hello Darling on Urbanspoon

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