The Steady Cafe & Bar

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We were having dinner with a vegan, so we decided to look up a place that served both meat and vegan options. Toronto has a variety of creative options, so I figured that it wouldn’t be a bad idea and we ended up at The Steady. There were a lot of gluten free options, but I wish there was the option to have ALL THE GLUTEN. For instance, the fish tacos ($7) I ordered, came out a weird unappetizing cardboard colour. The shell itself was hard and dry. It was unfortunate because the fish inside it was actually quite good.
photoThankfully, I also ordered the Tequila Pine Burgerette ($7) with tequila glazed pineapple, apple slaw, and spicy mayo. It was tasty but I wished it was more than just a burgerette.

The others at the table tried the Portobello Pot Pie ($7), sweet potato skins and tostadas. The pot pie wasn’t worth the price as it was puny and contained what looked like frozen vegetables. My friends thought the tostadas were much better than my tacos (and were also gluten free). The loaded baked potato skin was less a skin and more of a baked sweet potato with beans.

There are a lot of great restaurants for vegan/vegetarian eats in Toronto but this is one that I don’t think I will be coming back to.

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