Bird’s Nests and Things @ Farmhouse Tavern

photo 2
It’s rare that we have time to have brunch, so when we do we go all out. After a lovely meal at Farmer’s Daughter, we thought visiting the parent restaurant Farmhouse Tavern was a must.

Like their name would imply, the restaurant serves up farm fresh food. I ordered their take on a Bird’s Nest, which was a poached egg over squash than the traditional bread. It was served with fresh vegetables such as asparagus and greens. I can’t remember entirely but I can remember that it was the best brunch I had ever eaten.

photo 3Nash had the Eggs Benedict with Gravlax and kale. Gravlax sounds like it could be a gross laxative, but it’s actually a Nordic cured salmon. The hollandaise sauce was seriously to die for. It was the perfect texture and flavour.

photo 1To wash it all down we had their Farmhouse Smoked Caesar which was topped with an oyster and asparagus. It had a unique flavour from caper berries. Their glasses informed us of different Canadian cities and I almost considered taking the Fredericton mug for my best friend.

If you’re ever in the mood to go on an indulgent brunch, Farmhouse Tavern is seriously the place to be!

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2 thoughts on “Bird’s Nests and Things @ Farmhouse Tavern

  1. Farmhouse is an enjoyable brunch, but not my favourite. I think I enjoyed the novelty of the restaurant and the food more than the flavours! And we experienced very slow service.

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