Sony MDR10RBT Hi-Resolution Wireless Headphones Review


Over on Ride the Tempo, I’m giving away a pair of Sony MDR10RBT Hi-Res wireless headphones and I also had the pleasure of being sent my very own pair to review.

The biggest surprise was that they fit comfortably on my giant head, a serious problem I’ve had with other headphones like Skullcandy. They Sony headphones are light and the ear pads are soft and comfy. The band is loose enough that it doesn’t add too much pressure to my head.

These were the first wireless headphones I’ve ever owned and I found them very easy to set up with my iPhone. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 17 hours of continuous play, so it would probably last a normal person a week without charging. While Bluetooth is activated, there are also volume, track control and answer call buttons that can be used. Included in the box is a cord if wired play is desired. There’s also a microphone on the headphones for answering calls. They do take a while to charge though with a laptop. However, the USB end plugs into my iPhone/iPad blocks without problem.

Now to get to the sound! While wired or wireless, I found that the mid to high-end sounds were crisp and amazing. I also swear to god that the headphones sound a bit different now than when I first tested them on my laptop and iPhone. I think they have a burn-in period where it auto-adjusts how it sounds. The bass is just how I like it, but I could see EDM listeners thinking it’s not “booming” enough. However, these headphones react well to EQ adjustments, so for those who want a little more of certain levels than that is an option.

Design-wise these are sleek and like I previously mentioned, super light. They ear cups swivel so that they can easily fold into the included portable carrying case. I’ll definitely be putting these in my purse.

To learn more about the Sony MDR10RBT headphones head over here. Learn more about the Sony Hi-Res line at: To win your own pair, head over to RTT now!

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