I Finally Have My Own Internet!

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I don’t think I mentioned this previously, but last month I made a big leap and moved out of my parent’s house for the first time (going to University didn’t count). It was also the same month I had the important trip out East to my best friend’s wedding so I decided not to hook myself to internet until I returned.

That explains why I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to here (and elsewhere too). My sister also somehow used 95% of our phone data in 3 days. I had access to the internet at the boyfriend’s place and when I was out east, but I find it hard to write and generate ideas when I’m hanging out with other people. It was interesting being slightly disconnected for a month. I found myself doing more household chores, cooking, going for walks, reading, doing the things that I would have normally thought I had no time to do. It’s amazing how much time I can waste staring at a screen just because it’s available.

I finally became connected again with Teksavvy. As a first time user, I can honestly say that I was very happy with the customer service I received. They were able to accommodate the fact that I was only available on weekends for installation and I have a Mac Air with no ethernet ports. Within 10 minutes, I was connected. I love having 24/7 access to the internet again, but that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally drop it to appreciate other things in life a little more.

Anyways, I have a backlog of delicious and pretty things to post, so lookout!


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