Sandwiches That Are Fresh Off The Boat

fob2Fresh Off The Boat on Queen West has a menu full of seafood sandwiches that are made fresh to order. I had the Lobster Roll that was served with fries and a broccoli slaw. The roll had a generous portion of juicy lobster and chives. The slaw was nice and refreshing and it totally didn’t taste like I was eating broccoli.

fobMy friend ordered the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, which is literally a fried whole crab in a sandwich. It looked glorious. I think she was supposed to get a slaw too along with the fries but they forgot to put it in.

The place is tiny so I suggest doing take-out when it’s a little warmer out! The food was good but we found that after the whole meal (around $15/per person) we weren’t completely full yet. Maybe it’s more of a lunch food than a dinner!

Fresh Off the Boat on Urbanspoon

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