Mexican Food @ El Trompo

photo-5 Back in August, I did some strolling in Kensington market with Nash and my friend Karol looking for a place to eat. We landed at El Trompo, a place that served authentic Mexican cuisine. We decided to order some things to share. Pictured above are the Spicy Tinga Chicken tacos.

photo-4We also had the Al Pastor tacos which are their specialty. They contained a lovely touch of onion, coriander and pineapple. We thought both tacos were very flavourful and the portions were generous. They were around $10 for 4 decently sized tacos, whereas most places you usually get 3 for the same price.

photo-7I couldn’t help trying the Chicharon de Queso, which essentially is a piece of crispy fried cheese. It was hands down my favourite part of the meal


The Pico de Gallo was simple but refreshing (for a summer’s day) and fresh.


We also split this cheesy Quezadilla. There was quite cheesy! It was around $4, but it’s smaller than most people would assume of a quezadilla, so I wouldn’t make this my only order.

Between the 3 of us, we actually thought we ordered way too much food. You do get the value for your money here. Everything was fresh, flavourful and authentic.

El Trompo on Urbanspoon


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