The Strange Things People Search To Get Here

One of everybody’s favourite things about having a blog is looking through the stats. Specifically, the Google searches that have landed a person on their own blog. Most them here are quite normal. I get a lot of people who were looking for Adventure Time or specific restaurants.

But sometimes searches can be bizarre. Here are a few weird ones:

“Tiana disgrace”

How the hell did this lead you here?

“Asian stereotype”

I like to think I don’t live according to stereotypes

“What dog looks like a lion”

I don’t know. Do you?

“Elmo word”

Tickle me?

“How to draw nash”

Why would you want to draw my boyfriend?!

“Draw something cheat/nash”

Again a bizarre reference to boyfriend.

“I think I’m a hoarder”

That’s nice.

“Stress soup”

I don’t think you really need a recipe for this.

“internet pictures”

This could be anything?!

“What used to be cool”

I’d like to think I am still cool.


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