Date Night @ Lee’s


A few weeks ago, Nash and I had a lovely date night at Susur Lee’s restaurant Lee. I haven’t been to any of his restaurants prior, but had wanted to for the longest time since seeing him on Masterchef! All the items are meant to be shared so we ordered a few things.

lee4I spoke about our reservation for the entire week to friends and colleagues and all of them recommending ordering the exact same thing: the slaw! Susur’s Signature Singaporean-style Slaw ($22) is a mixture of like 18 different things including taro root, fennel, flower pedals, daikon sprouts, fried shallots, sesame seeds and more. I literally cannot remember all the things in it. It was served on a plate like a mini mountain and the server mixed it for us so that we could get most of the ingredients in each bite. It was one of the most flavourful and colourful salads I have ever eaten. By the way, these shitty phone photos don’t do justice to the food

lee5 Next was these Spice Crusted Diver Scallop ($29). They were served with crispy bacon, squash puree, grapefruit and a sweet bean pesto. The scallops did have a little kick of some sort and I was in love with the puree.

lee6Next was the Cold Pressed Octopus ($17). The octopus was served in thin slices with a vinaigrette. While good, we found it the least memorable dish of the night.

lee7Our last dish was the Slow Braised Beef with a potato and leek puree, crispy shallots and sour cream. Everything in the dish melted in our mouths and we wanted to lick the bowl afterward.

To drink I had the Lee Lemonade and Nash had the Burnt Orange Manhattan. They were both delicious (and booze heavy).

lee8Of course we saved room for dessert. The special of the night was a banana ice cream with a homemade toasted marshmallow. If we could lick the plates we would’ve.

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