The Emerson

We went to The Emerson a few months ago (the menu has changed since) but I completely forgot to blog about it. That’s sort of how hidden the place is. I would have walked passed it dismissing it for “The Clothing Co.” which its signage seems to imply. In fact we actually walked up to the doors one hungry evening and asked “do you serve food?” In fact they were a trendy place that indeed serve food and drinks. All the food is seemingly ordinary but very flavourful. The first dish we started with was an eggplant with pine nuts and yogurt and peppers that went really well together.
emmerson4I chose the flat iron steak with fried green tomatoes and chimichurri sauce. It was cooked beautiful and was very delicious but portion-wise an appetizer was very necessary or else you wouldn’t be full off one main.

emmerson3Nash had the Emerson burger with Beemster sauce. It was chocked full of melted cheese. You can’t be afraid to get messy with this one!
We had a few fruity cocktails but I totally forgot what they were. I just remembered that I could probably drink 10 of these!
emmerson1Lastly, we split a lovely peach tart for dessert!

The individual items aren’t that pricey, but everything will add up if you want to be satisfied at the end of the meal. While I enjoyed everything I ate, I feel like it has to stand out a little more for me to return and not be lured away but its surrounding neighbours.

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