The 10,000 Things I Do Regularly

I wish I had time to lie around like these guys!
I wish I had time to lie around like these guys!

I am having a crazy weekend running around in Hamilton for the JUNOS. It’s a busy weekend but I’m hardly evernot busy. For example here are the 10,000 things I do on a regular basis:

– I work a 9-5 job
– I run Ride the Tempo (which itself involves 10,000 mini things)
– I blog here every day
– I go to a show
– I eat at a fancy restaurant
– I vlog
– I run many tumblr accounts
– I photograph things and then edit those photographs
– I draw/do art
– I try new recipes
– I clean the apartment
– I take care of my pet turtles
– I read a book
– I play video games
– I spend time with my boyfriend
– I teach kids how to play piano
– I see my dog
– I play with make up
– I shop online
– I watch Netflix
– I catch up on the internet
– I keep all my social media accounts updated

Some of those seem like rather regular things. But if you fit them all into one week, it would be one hell of a week. And that is basically my life.

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