I bought these OROGOLD products 6 months ago. It was October and we were celebrating something at the end of the work day so I had had some drinks. For some reason I decided to go shopping afterwards at Yonge & Bloor. The sales lady outside the OROGOLD shop handed me a sample and I took it. Before I knew it, I was taken into the store and offered a demonstration. I was there for at least 30 minutes and I really needed to pee so I told her no thank you to the price she offered. Then she gave me a final offer of $60 for the 24k Deep Peeling Mask and Renewal Night cream so I said FINE. Whatever. I just really wanted to leave and pee. According to the prices on their official site, I actually got a decent deal.

I’ve been using the products twice a week for 6 months now so I’ll give you an honest review despite their semi-annoying sales tactics.

Both products came in little spheres in a fancy box with a certificate of authenticity. They definitely looked like they were luxury products.


The 24K Deep Peeling mask had the consistency of glue with little gold flakes. To be honest, I don’t really know the advantage of having gold in facial products but it looks nice. I used it mostly in my T-zone, and around my lips. It did a good job of rubbing off dead skin and my face did feel smooth immediately after. The trick is to leave it on for 45secs-1 min before rubbing it off. The sales lady recommended I only use this once a week, but I decided to use it twice a week and it seems fine. I think any more would probably dry your skin though.


Each time I used the peeling mask, I would immediately follow with the night cream. On the box it says you can use this every day but I also have other products at my disposal and did not want to waste this pricey cream. It also had gold flakes and a smell that was faint and not too strong.

After each OROGOLD routine, my skin did feel softer and smoother but it wouldn’t last more than a day or two which is why I decided to use it twice a week. Another thing I have noticed is that I used to have occasional breakouts but have experienced a lot less since using this. I can’t if it was OROGOLD or a combination of different products though.

Would I recommend this? While I like the feeling of my skin after the peel, I don’t know if I would purchase again at regular price. I would also stay away from the store as the sales people are way too aggressive!

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