Can You Tell I Dyed My Hair?

Yesterday I bought a box of L’Oreal Superior Preference Noir Fatal hair colour in a deep plum colour (NF03). It was essentially a black colour that was supposed to show highlights of dark purple.

Here’s a photo after I dyed my hair. Can you tell the difference?

There isn’t really much difference. It was a darker colour on my hair so it coloured my lighter ends. However the shine ended up being more red than purple. My hunt for a purple highlight colour continues!


2 thoughts on “Can You Tell I Dyed My Hair?

  1. Noir Fatal suppose to be a blue tone black colour, not too sure where the purple shine came from, possibly from the combination or the black hair and hair dye.

  2. I know tjis is old but if you are still looking I have advice.

    I’ve used this for years with no problems and get the same colour on the box. My hair is black-brown.

    I have 3 suggestions:

    1) if all your dyes are going reddish, get your water tested for iron. You may need an iron filter added. One place I lived, my husband’s medium brown hair looked naturally purple from the iron in our water. Try washing with a shampoo that rinses mineral deposts the nigtlht before you dye.

    2) You may have too much product in your hair. This is why shampoos recommend washing twice. Again, wash 12-24 hrs before, don’t use products. Hide under a hair wrap for a day lol.

    3) This brand is recommended to use actual shampoo to wash out. It takes 2-3 washes to go from black to purple.

    Keep in mind, under florescent and artificial lighting, it will look more black. I wore this as a pharmacy technician and never got in shit for it.

    Under daylight bulbs and natural light, if you follow the tip above it will be purple.

    I always dye root to tip regardless of touchups, new dye or old dye with this product. I also recommend 2 boxes for your hair length if its anywhere as thick as my own. Start box one for roots and crown and box 2 for length. I also recommend 45 mins to 1 hr before washing out with a little shampoo. I use herbal essence long-term relationship and the John Freeda Frizzeaze deep conditioner (moisture repair) followed by a combo of a quarter size of syrum and a dollar of the same brand straight fixation styling cream. I have very frizzy hair and lots of it. Looks gorgeous after.


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