Adventure Time’s Card Wars

When we saw Finn and Jake play Card Wars in an episode of Adventure Time, we wished so hard that it was a real game.

And it turns out it is. A single Card Wars Collectors Pack is approximately $20 and has two decks so two people can play right away. I decided to buy all the decks out so far (I think they will release more later). That way, we can switch it up and games would be different each time.


One thing to note is that it is exactly like the game in the episode meaning that the Adventure Time characters (Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum etc) aren’t actually part of the deck. Though you can imagine you are one of those characters if you wish. In fact, there is a “Hero deck” (optional) that exists where you can pretend you are characters from the show and gain special bonuses. The cards are actually ridiculous made up characters with hilarious descriptions in brand with the show. There are landscape cards, spells and even punch out hit points so you are fully ready to go in each box.


Like in the show, the winner of a match is damed the “Cool Guy” and the loser the “Dweeb”. Players try to protect their land so that their “Hero” (yourself) doesn’t get any hit points. Certain monsters need specific landscapes in order to work. The game is  a lot of strategy, fun and laughs.

2 thoughts on “Adventure Time’s Card Wars

  1. Very interesting post! Maybe you could make a review or just a post about this game, Littlewargame. If you did, I’d definitely reblog it to my popular blog. So, what do you say?

    Link to Littlewargame here:

    P.S. – The reason I’m asking you this I NOT because I think you’d like it because you’re Korean. I don’t even KNOW if you’re Korean. :l

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