Ipsy Glam Bag – April 2015


I was undecided whether to stay with Ipsy after my first bag but since I was too on unsubscribing I received the April glam bag. This month’s theme was Beautifully Bohemian. The products came in a cute straw-like bag.


Like last time, I’ve never heard of most of these brands. I am excited to try the Hikari blush which I received a full size of and retails around $15 according to their website. That alone was worth the Ipsy bag.


I received a Jorel Parker fragrance. I was really disappointed to receive this since I am sensitive to fragrances and occasionally allergic to them. There’s actually nowhere on the Ipsy profile page where you can specify your distaste for fragrances. Birchbox at least has an option to limit the amount of fragrances you receive.


I am excited to try this sample of Starlooks lipgloss which is supposed to be non-sticky and long lasting.


I also received this Hey Honey Good Morning honey silk facial serum. It’s like a light cream that goes under makeup.


Lastly was this Nude Dude eyeshadow from The Balm Cosmetics. I thought the packaging was rather hilarious!

Besides the fragrance, I was happy with the rest of my Ipsy items this month. I also subscribed to Birchbox for April but haven’t received it yet. I’m excited to compare the two in the same month.

Use my referral link: https://www.ipsy.com/r/tv6b8 to earn a extra 200 points towards free products when you sign up!


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