I Got My Haircut

After years of either cutting my hair myself or going to First Choice, I decided to find a real hair stylist. I wanted one that was in my neighbourhood and looked trendy. Since I had no loyalty to literally anywhere, I had no idea where to start if I were to call places for appointments.

Instead, I decided that I would take a walk on my half-day (Fridays) and find a place in my area that would take walk-ins and looked trendy at the same time. There are a lot that don’t fit neither description in the area. However, I landed in Salon AF and their staff was very welcoming. I was paired with a stylist named Suzy and she listened to all my requests. I found this important because I find that sometimes stylists do more of what they want instead of really listening to the customer which was my fear with cheaper walk-in places.

I wanted to freshen up my flat hair with some layers, but at the same time not look like a bush. I didn’t want it too short and to have real blunt bangs that looked like they have a purpose being there. I got exactly what I wanted and am super with my happy with my haircut. Plus a bonus is that the salon offers free bang trims between cuts so no more ruining my own hair.

Thanks Salon AF! I will definitely be back (with an appointment) for my next cut and/or colour.

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