My Little Creative Corner

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My little creative corner in my apartment #vscocam

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When I moved into my apartment, my lease stated that I was not allowed to drill holes in the walls. It wasn’t until I decided to hang up my Wavelength Pop-Up Gallery photos that I decided to look for other ways to put stuff up that wouldn’t leave any marks. Then I found the entire line of Command damage-free wall hangs at Dollarama!

Anyways, I decided to add a whiteboard to my creative corner and found a neat magnetic one from The Board Dudes that has a cork board frame. Now I’m ready to organize my thoughts and to-dos all in one place. I have a really bad habit of flagging too many e-mails or bookmarking too much stuff so this is a good way to mark down what is truly important. Sometimes the ease of digital things just gets in the way.

I love having a little corner in my small apartment where I can dedicate to being creative, whether it’s making art with my drawer full of supplies or simply just writing. A designated spot to me is integral for productivity and also a lovely place to take a mental break.

Do you designate a place to be creative?

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