New Business Cards by Moo



I needed new business cards to match the new theme I launched this year on Ride the Tempo. I thought regular cards were a little boring and had too much white space. I really wanted something simple with my name and e-mail address. I previously had my cellphone number on there, but I didn’t always want to give it out when people asked for a cards.

I looked to Moo Cards, a company I discovered via my Klout Perk for 10% off. The perk never seemed to expire so I thought I’d finally use it! I liked their selection of cards and the Mini Cards were perfect. I also opted for the “Luxe” option which added a bit of thickness and a stripe of black.


They arrived two weeks later in a lovely packaged box. What I like about Moo is that while one side must remain stationary you can actually have however many designs on the other side. This means that if you have multiple people working for the same company, you can share the batch! I am going to send some to my writer Mark as a surprise.


These cards are thick so will stand out from regular sized business cards. I’m excited to have them around during NXNE this week!

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