I Saw Jurassic World in D-Box


Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Jurassic World this post might reveal some things you didn’t want to know.

Last night we saw Jurassic World in D-Box. It was my first experience in one of those special moving chairs at the theatre. For this movie it actually worked out well. I felt like I was riding the helicopters or gyrosphere along with the movie characters and we could feel the stomping of the dinosaurs. It didn’t make me sick like I thought it was. It made us feel like we were part of the adventure.

I think we wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie as much without the D-Box experience mainly because the movie itself wasn’t the greatest. Here is why:

1) There were a lot of pointless backstory between the kids. Also the older kid was a terrible actor.

2) Product placement was hilarious, almost like it was parodying it.

3) Why were the dinosaurs smiling at the end?

I still had a great time watching the movie, after all it is a movie about Dinosaurs, just don’t go into it expecting too much!

I love D-Box, if you ever have the choice to experience it, take it!

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