Found my WayHome

Last weekend, I attended WayHome music festival in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. I finally have all the photos and reviews up on Ride the Tempo. Read them here.

I’ll have a food and non-musical adventure wrap-up of the fest soon!

Warm Apple Pie Throat Drops

I’m a little bit sick after last weekend but I found these and now I don’t mind because I’d like every excuse to eat them.

Green Onion In A Burger


I had never put raw green onion in my burgers until Nash’s family made us burgers for dinner one day and included them in the toppings. They had stocks on a tray and I was like “What do I do with this?”. Then I put them in my burger.

It’s no strange than putting regular onions on your burger except it adds a fresh herb taste. Now I like to occasionally do it on burgers I make.

Do you put green onion in your burgers?

I Need Water

I need water
I thought I’d be recovered from Wayhome but it must be the heat here in Toronto. It’s like 35 degrees and I feel like I need to constantly be drinking 10 gallons of water or I’m going to die. I think I may have caught a cold which is also part of it. Blog you later when I’m slightly more alive.. now back to drinking more water.

Happy Kitchen: Cake Edition


I bought another one of those weird Japanese candy kit things! This time I made a miniature cake.


Inside there were a bunch of coloured powders and candy to decorate the cake with.

Watch me make it here:

So I ended up with this…..


Does it look exactly like the one on the box? To be fair, it is all the same once it is eaten. It did indeed taste like cake and icing.




Not too long ago I tried my first halo-halo. My sister’s boyfriend is Filipino and I’m always open to food from other cultures! Halo-halo literally means “mixed together” and that’s kind of the basic concept of this dessert drink. This particular one had taro ice cream, shaved ice, evaporated milk, cereal, jello, coconut and more.

I’m interested to know what other interesting drinks there are out there in other cultures. I’ve had mango lassis, Persian doogh’s but I’d love to drink/eat my way through other eclectic drinks. What do you recommend?

Dollarama Reviews: Hair Chalk


I bought this hair chalk from Dollarama. It was a premium item at $3. I thought it would be fun to put some colour in my head for Atomic Lollipop last weekend.


This is me before I did anything to my hair.



There are 3 colours and are literally like chalk you put on your head. The instructions also suggest that you brush your hair afterwards.


It was barely noticeable, and this was after I put a lot on. Any more and it would have looked like I had a clunk of something in my head.


Here’s after I combed it through a little. As you can see it’s not very effective on black hair (unless you possibly use a shit ton).

Anyways, would not buy this again and don’t really recommend it unless you have blonde hair.. but then you might as well just use regular chalk.


Camera Battery Faces

I’m off to Wayhome this weekend! I had to order a bunch of extra batteries for both cameras over the weekend. One of my friends told me that at a festival when she was charging her battery, someone else took hers by accident and left her with a much older one. It’s an honest mistake that could totally happen to anybody.

So I decided to prevent this by putting sticker faces all over my batteries. I received this a while back from one of my Lootcrates, but I never found a perfect use for them until now. Nobody will steal batteries that look alive right?

Video Round-Up: Field Trip, Bestival, Mirrorless Camera!

Catch up on my latest vlogs!

First up, I take you to Field Trip with me:

Then Bestival

Then I show you my new Mirrorless camera!

Home of the Brave

My friend had heard of Home of the Brave because of their ridiculous soft-serve and so we decided to hit it up for dinner! We didn’t have a reservation so we had to wait around 30 minutes for a table on a Thursday night. The restaurant does a twist on classic American cuisine.

IMG_1831I ordered the Chicken and Waffles which had crispy sourdough waffles, a spiced maple syrup drizzle of sour cream. Before going here, someone told us that they thought there was too much syrup but I actually thought the amount of syrup was perfect! I dipped everything in it and the chicken still remained crunchy.

IMG_1833My friend ordered the Home of the Brave Burger with house ground ribeye, HOTB pickle mayo, house American cheese, tomato and lettuce.

IMG_1834Another had the 76er Philly Cheesesteak with shaved ribeye, caramelized onion, red chilli, melted cheddar, chives.

IMG_1829We ordered a few cocktails which were totally better than the ones at the Luckyrice event I attended.

IMG_1839And finally soft serve! I had the Presidential Pretzel with vanilla, caramel, granny apple, pretzel and Skor crumble. I also shared the Chocolate Peanut Butter EpiPen with my friend. It was so full of peanuts!

Here is us enjoying our soft serve:

We enjoyed all our food (the chicken & waffles and soft serve especially) and we’ll definitely come again to eat more ice cream!

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