My Irrational Fear of Lightning

Haha, I found this lame piece of photoshop I did when I was 14.
Haha, I found this lame piece of photoshop I did when I was 14.

I have always been afraid of lightning. It’s like an unpredictable deadly thing. The funny thing is I am short so it will probably hit someone else before it hits me. That is a scientific fact right? 

When I was younger I was even terrified of thunder. It would roar through the house. Mom would tell me that there was nothing to be afraid of if I wasn’t a bad girl. But what was “bad”?  

Then other times she would tell me to be careful. To not go outside, take showers or even sit in cars during a major lightning storm. Apparently even staying in the house might not be safe. 

I don’t know why but every time I think of lightning I replay this memory in my head of walking home in a storm and a strike a few meters away. I can’t legitimately confirm if this actually happened or if the event has been twisted and animated with false memories.

A couple of weeks ago, on the Friday of Bestival the weather networks warned of a thunderstorm. Bestival took place on the Toronto island. I thought I was in for my doom this time. While my feet were muddy and my clothes wet, I was fine. There was no lightning, or it just had better places to hit.

I think my fear of lightning has subsided a bit but I’ll still avoid going outside during a storm if I don’t have to.

What’s your irrational fear?

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