Ginger For My Tummy Aches

I don’t believe in a lot of “natural remedies” but ginger has worked for me whenever I have belly aches and cramps. When my stomach is feeling unwell I usually make a drink that my mom has taught me.

Take a large chunk of ginger and cut it into slightly smaller chunks (but not slices). Then with the flat end of your knife, squish the pieces a bit so you squish some of it’s juices. Then you simmer it in boiling water for 15-20 minutes so the ginger is infused in the water. Brown sugar is added for taste. It can be too spicy at first, but I find it really works for me in curing stomach ailments!

Since it’s way too hot to drink warm drinks, I’ve been trying out something new. I snuck a green tea bag with the simmering ginger and then chill it for an hour and voila fancy ice tea! The only green tea I have happens to be blueberry flavour so that adds a tropical twist.

Now off to watch Netflix with my blueberry ice tea so I can relax away this tummy ache!

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