Comfy at Home


Lately, I’ve been loving any time that I can spend home in my apartment. My summer’s been so crazy busy with events that any time at home is so relaxing. I’ve also been consciously trying to spend less time on screens while not at work. Of course I’ve still been blogging but I’ve also been finding hobbies that solely take place offline like building things out of Lego or Playdoh. It’s amazing how relaxing both these things are when you get into it. You don’t have to think much but about the project at hand.

It’s a great way to also to encourage my other art projects again. I do still wish I drew/painted/doodled more and I do want to make my way to those eventually. It’s shocking how much time you do have to do things when you spend less of it staring into (space) a screen.

3 thoughts on “Comfy at Home

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