Zomato Meetup at Bairrada Churrasqueira

Yesterday, Zomato invited me to a meetup at Bairrada Churrasqueira near College & Dufferin.


I had passed by it many times but did’t realize that there was a huge beautiful patio out back.


There was even a nice waterfall area for photos.



As we waited for everyone to arrive, we were treated to sangria and roast suckling pig that you could see spinning out back. The crispy skin was the best part. Little did we know, there was plenty to eat throughout the night.


I gorged on this delicious Queijo Frescowhich is a light and fluffy Portugese cheese. It is very mild which is why it pairs well with olives, red peppers or the addictive hot sauce (which I ate with almost all the dishes).


Lula Grelhadas (grilled Calimari) was fresh and had a beautiful touch of olive oil.


The Chouriço à Bombeiro (flaming sausage) were served in adorable pig bowls. The flames made the outside of the sausage nice and crispy.


To balance out the meat we had Tomate e Pepino (tomato and cucumber salad).


and a side of rice!


Now back to the meat. From this point on in the meal, we were given individual plates. It started with two Gambas à la Plancha, tiger shrimp grilled in Heineken with a lemon and butter sauce underneath.


The strangest dish of the night was probably the Sardinhas, grilled sea-salted sardines. Our server Jerry showed me how to fillet them. I did a really terrible job but I managed to not eat too many bones and found the fish to be quite delicious! Sardines aren’t always everyone’s favourite but Bairrada did a good job infusing flavour and cutting away the fishiness.


At this point in the meal, I was so full but out came their famous Frango no Churrasco, the BBQ chicken! It was moist and tender. The potatoes were perfectly salted and I enjoyed the pieces of pickled cauliflower I found on my plate.


That was followed by Bife à Casa, an aged house steak with a fried egg and chip fries. Apparently this was 1/4 of the portion you get normally! What the hell! It was like a meal in itself. The gravy was to die for and the chips I just couldn’t stop eating (until they were gone).


Before dessert, the owners came out and treated us to some Rainha Santa port wine. It had a lovely sweetness that reminded me of Japanese plum wine.


The best part of the meal was saved for last. For dessert we were served Nata Do Ceu. It was a heavenly mix of whipped vanilla cream, cookie crumble, egg, cinnamon and magic. It was like eating a cloud. I would come back for this dessert alone!


We were also given a parting gift of a custard tart.


I had a lovely time last night at Bairrada with the other bloggers and the Zomato team! The restaurant is a walking distance away from my apartment so I will definitely be back soon.

This meal was courtesy of Bairrada. 


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