Sweet Jesus


I finally made the trip down to the popular church of soft serve Sweet Jesus.


We waited half an hour in line causing the nearby TIFF goers to ask what movie we were lining up for. “Icecream,” I replied.

DSCF3799 DSCF3795

The space inside was relatively small with bags of sugar on display beside their giant menu.


They have other offerings such as popsicles, coffee and pie but of course were were their for the infamous soft serve. Funny enough we’ve actually already tried two of the flavours when we visited Home of the Brave, which has a partnership with them or something.

DSCF3801I had the Smores soft-serve which had graham cracker crumble, burnt marshmallows, chocolate sauce on top of a chocolate ice cream. It was a nice twist on a classic! Can’t ever go wrong with Smores.


My friend Steph ordered The Elvis which was peanut butter and bacon on top of a banana soft serve. I thought it was a little bit weird and wasn’t really a fan of their banana flavour. It wasn’t like a fruity banana flavour, more like the yellow antibiotics you have when you are sick. This was our least favourite of them.


Her sister order the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich which was a vanilla icecream, strawberry jam and toast. This one was our favourite. The little pieces of toast worked so well with the salted peanut butter and sweet jam.

It was totally worth the line, but just skip the banana.
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