Funny Starbucks 

There’s a kid at the Starbucks near work that draws coffee comics full of relationship drama. I wonder how old they are and where the ideas even come from.   

I will be on the lookout for more. 


Sweet Jesus


I finally made the trip down to the popular church of soft serve Sweet Jesus.


We waited half an hour in line causing the nearby TIFF goers to ask what movie we were lining up for. “Icecream,” I replied.

DSCF3799 DSCF3795

The space inside was relatively small with bags of sugar on display beside their giant menu.


They have other offerings such as popsicles, coffee and pie but of course were were their for the infamous soft serve. Funny enough we’ve actually already tried two of the flavours when we visited Home of the Brave, which has a partnership with them or something.

DSCF3801I had the Smores soft-serve which had graham cracker crumble, burnt marshmallows, chocolate sauce on top of a chocolate ice cream. It was a nice twist on a classic! Can’t ever go wrong with Smores.


My friend Steph ordered The Elvis which was peanut butter and bacon on top of a banana soft serve. I thought it was a little bit weird and wasn’t really a fan of their banana flavour. It wasn’t like a fruity banana flavour, more like the yellow antibiotics you have when you are sick. This was our least favourite of them.


Her sister order the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich which was a vanilla icecream, strawberry jam and toast. This one was our favourite. The little pieces of toast worked so well with the salted peanut butter and sweet jam.

It was totally worth the line, but just skip the banana.
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While having a mini adventure at BMV, I stumbled on this little book I had to have on my work desk (since I do social media as my day job). It is a collection of “Twitterature”: reworkings of recognizable books told in 20 tweets or fewer by the protagonist of the story.

Here’s an example:


That’s totally how Bilbo Baggins would tweet right?

It’s a funny book to have on your desk for quick entertainment.

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale


Now that Autumn is approaching, pumpkin things are hitting the shelves again. I found this gigantic bottle of Great Lakes Brewery Pumpkin ale at my local LCBO for $4.95, a great deal for a limited edition thing.

It has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and all spice, and of course a generous amount of pumpkin, all the flavours that make you think of Fall. This is definitely in my top list of pumpkin flavoured things!


Dollarama Review: Champagne Dreams Bubble Bath


Though it may look like it, this isn’t a bottle of champagne, it’s a bottle of bubble bath. At $2 it comes with several different scents but I decided that Fresh Strawberries was a nice thing to smell like.

I ran a warm bath and poured half the 300mL bottle into the water. Bubbles were generous and there was a lovely calming strawberry scent. Definitely worth it for a nice relaxing time in the tub.


Quick post today! Heading out to this crazy ice cream place with a friend. Will update you soon. Here are some random photos of flowers I took over the weekend.

Owning My Okayness


I still get anxious in social situations that involve other people. It’s taken time for me to not feel self-conscious, like the entire world is judging my every move.


As I grew older, I started to care less about what people thought of me and more of what I wanted to be, for myself.

this is me sitting in a box
It wasn’t until I was 24 or 25 that I embraced my own quirkiness, personality and openly discussed my anxiety with friends (thank you Static Zine).

Being okay with myself includes the sometimes difficult task of ignoring negativity from people who don’t really have your best interests at heart. After all if they are so quick to react negatively, are they worth keeping around?


The Internet (twitter) made it easier to make new friends that share similar interests, anxieties and who somehow like the transparent person they see.


The people I choose to surround myself with are positive people. They are the ones that show up when I need them, the ones that splurge on food with me, unafraid to be silly or lend an ear.


My best friend and I talk about literally everything including our farts and poops. We can be idiots together or push ourselves to achieve our goals.


I can own my own Okayness because the people in my life are pretty okay too.

County Pear Cider


I splurged on a bottle of $7.95 pear cider I never tried before from County Cider Company located in Prince Edward County. It’s more expensive than most o the ciders on the shelf and I wanted to see if I would even appreciate the difference.

It’s a small batch cider inspired by travels to Domfront area of Normandy. In this area they use pears from 200 year old trees to create cider. County Ciders also use handpicked fruit (though not from far away I think).

The cider was sweet and smooth. It went down super easy but at the same time there is an alcohol content of 6.5% so you definitely feel something after finishing a bottle!

#PieTunes at Fred’s Red Tomato


On Wednesday, I went to Pie Tunes, an event at The Red Tomato where we were invited to sample pizzas. We’ve been patrons here before for their set dinners but we’ve never tried the pizza. It’s a small space below Fred’s not here, with the same owners (yes, a guy named Fred does exist). We arrived a little later than the 5pm start time and by then, there were no more seats so we stood awkwardly at a standing table. The bloggers who happened to be seated at tables I found were served more than us and generally treated with more care and attention. For a little while we didn’t know what was going on or if we were just in the wrong place.

Finally we were offered a slice of the Spinach and Artichoke pizza with brûlée ricotta cheese and walnut pesto (pictured above). It was a deliciously light combination.


Next was the Hangover Cure which had soppresata, tomato, olives, double smoked bacon, mozzarella, grana padano, chillies and topped with a fried egg on each piece. It was truly a hangover cure!


There wasn’t a cocktail menu so I asked our server what was the recommendation and he said a sangria. You can’t go wrong with sangria right? This particular one was a tropical flavour with pineapple and banana.


Excuse the horrible photo but this was a slice of Smoked Chicken pizza before I got impatient and ate it before taking a photo! It was a delicious combination of chicken, chipotle bbq sauce, and peppers, some of which were a spicey!


I think my favourite of the pieces I tried was the Pork Belly. Fatty pork belly pieces (yum!) were lightened by white sauce, radicchio and onion.

We spent an hour there listening to the music and wondering if most of the pizzas would ever make it’s way to us. We watched the bloggers at tables get served twice as many as us or the others at standing tables and the bar.  I don’t know if they were people more important or whatever, but we were invited (plus influencers too!) and I thought that all invited guests should’ve be treated with the same respect. We left after the fourth piece because we were stuffed and didn’t want to wait forever to try something else. The pizzas were really good but I felt that the event would’ve benefited from being split into multiple nights where everyone was equally served.

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It’s Hard Not to Smile At A Dog


When I am feeling down, I like to scroll through photos of my dog. It’s hard not to cheer up after seeing his adorable smiling face.