Sunsets and Froyo


Over the weekend, I went for a walk with Teddy while the sun was setting.


The sky had a beautiful redness, like an arrow shooting down.


We stopped by Yogurtys where I ordered a bunch of fruity flavours and Teddy had his own too!

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My First Bunz Trade 

I finally got invited to Bunz Trading Zone, a secret Facebook group where people trade their useless stuff for things they need. No money is allowed. The philosophy behind it is that things aren’t really worth their money value if they are not being used. 

One of my first posts was for my Smithers minifigs. I wrote “Have 3 Smithers need to get rid of 2.” I got an overwhelming number of responses. It’s amazing how many people will reply if you post anything, even empty bottles. Your garbage is someone  else’s treasure. 


I traded one of the Smithers for this today. An Ionix Ash in the box. I wouldn’t have even know this existed if it weren’t offered to me. Now I can’t wait to build it!

The other Smithers trade will happen over the weekend along with something else. I am just so excited with the possibility of treasure trading! This is so much fun. 

I Think I’m Allergic to the Sun

Dear blog readers, I think I’m a vampire. The sun makes my arms itchy.

It was a condition that I developed a year or two ago, in my mid-20s. My mom also has a similar condition, but I always assumed she made it up as a ploy to make me wear a hat or sunscreen. Now the latter is mandatory, so I believe it’s hereditary.

From my own google searching (though I don’t recommend you do this) it is very possibly PMLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption). I break out in itchy bumps on my arms which is the area that is most frequently exposed to the sun. I haven’t really had anything show up in my face or legs yet, fingers crossed.

Putting on sunscreen does help but it’s a nuisance to remember and on rainy days I always think I can skip it but the UV rays can still be quite strong in Toronto summers. I was wondering if any of my readers have had such an experience and what sort of tips you guys might have that can help!

I love going outside and I’d rather not be a vampire.

Can Never Find My Name

My sister custom made me a coke at the CNE with my name. That’s the only way I could get one that said “Tiana”. It’s funny to see my name on something.

Growing up, it’s always been like that when I visited stores with “personalized” things. I didn’t have a name that was considered common. I could buy a “Tina” or “Diana” and it would be close enough, but that’s not my name. As I progressed through life, I started to like my slightly-less common name more and more.  I was always the only person with my name in my class. There was rarely any confusion.

Now I don’t care that I can never find my name. Besides, personalized stuff is quite lame.

Gelato @ La Vizziata

Hot days call for gelato so we hit up La Vizziata Gelateria & Dessert Bar for some dessert! They had a wide array of gelato flavours.


It was a difficult decision but I settled on a scoop of pistachio and one Stracciatella, which is a chocolate chip icecream. Their scoops are large and generous and gelato was smooth. We went for the gelato but next time we’ll try some of the other desserts too!
La Vizziata Gelateria & Dessert Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Playa Cabana Cantina

Today for lunch we randomly strolled the Junction area for something to eat. We ended up picking Cantina, part of the Playa Cabana family of restaurants.
I ordered the Chile Rellenos which were Poblano chiles, Oaxacan cheese, seared in a rice flour batter with salsa roja, queso, crema, rice and black beans. The fried chillies were crunchy and delicious, the heat offset by the light Oaxacan cheese. The black beans and salsa were super flavourful too.

Nash ordered the steak cantina style burritos with guacomole, salsa verde, queso, crema, rice, and beans.

To wash it down, I ordered a sangria because it’s appropriate for every meal!

Nash had the Dark and Handsome.

It does match him right?

Anyways, we super enjoyed all the food we ate and were super stuffed. Despite it being a Saturday, it wasn’t too hard to get a table around lunch time.

Cantina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Last weekend I ate 10 popsicles


Last weekend at Camp Wavelength, I saw The Pop Stand, which was offering 10 flavours of popsicles. It started as a joke, but I started from the top and made my way down the list and ate all 10 popsicles over the course of 3 days.

Peach bourbon iced tea:


Campari, grapefruit and mintDSCF3186

Thai coffee

Raspberry hibiscus

Blueberry lavender lemonade

Strawberry Milkshake

Coconut + cinnamon

Raspberry and cream

Harvest Fudge

Orange Vanilla Bean

My favourite popsicles were the fresh fruity flavoured ones because they were more refreshing over cream ones on a hot day. Although, I do love chocolate so the harvest fudge was irresistible.

So I ate a frozen burger…

I found frozen burgers on sale at my local grocery store. This might as well be a Dollarama review because they were $1 each. How could I not try it at least once?

I took it to work and I was slightly embarrassed to go in the kitchen and reveal this box and encounter the appalled faces of co-workers. Luckily, no one was there. I took my burger out of the freezer and opened one side of the plastic wrap as instructed, leaving the burger still in it. I stuck the burger in the microwave for one single minute.

Beep beep. I open the microwave. The aroma is familiar, a little hospital-like with a side of sadness. Well, sort of like McDonalds. The wrapper was a bit hot to hold so I grasped it with a paper towel. The cheese was melted and the meat a brownish colour. There was no tomato. I don’t know why there’s a photo of a tomato on the box.

The size of the burger was like a junior burger at any fast-food chain. If you like fast-food you might actually like this sub-par burger. I found it tasted a lot like a regular cheese burger at McDonalds, underwhelming with a weird sweetness to the bun. I ate the entire thing in like a minute because it was relatively small and unsatisfying.

What was I thinking? Why did I buy a frozen burger. Let alone 2 (yes there is a second still in the fridge).

Photo Booths Are Fun

I went to a party the other day where there was a photo booth! There were physical copies to take home but I lost mine over the course of the night. Luckily, they were all digitalized too so here are some fun photos from the weekend of my friends and I!


Pommies Farmhouse Cider

Pommies Farmhouse Cider comes from Calendon, Ontario. It’s a dry cider that has a light colour of white wine. It’s tart and slightly weird. I thought it was okay, but not my preferred cider taste. I prefer my ciders with a bit more punch.