In Defense of Bandwagoning

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The Blue Jays are doing awesome this baseball season. They are currently in the ALCS. There’s a lot of talk and making fun of bandwagon fans. But, I don’t see that as a problem.

Why should people need to dedicate themselves to all 200+ games all season in order to be a “real fan”. It’s kind of equivalent to hipsters who say things like “I liked the band when they were playing in their garage.” It’s nice if you supported the team all along, but there’s nothing wrong with people who join in once the team is doing well.

There’s pride in the city when we’re winning. We can’t always be there 100% when they lose, I mean that’s why we end up with mediocre teams like the Leafs (just kidding). Being there when the team is doing well shows the city (as well as the people who own the team, Rogers) of the value of keeping all the current players on contract and continuously on making it better. It keeps the team putting their best effort forward to keep the respect of their fans.

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