Presenting Ride the Tempo’s First Show


For the first time ever I’m presenting a show as Ride the Tempo. I have always wanted to host a show but have been a bit reluctant because I was scared that it wouldn’t go perfectly, or that people wouldn’t show up.

I finally decided to take the dive when I was offered a slot at The Handlebar. A lot of work goes into organizing a show. Thinking up a theme, finding and securing artists, posters, press releases and I’ve been doing it all while holding my full-time job (which itself has some insane events during non-work hours, but that’s another story).

I’m super proud and happy to announce L CON, Parallels and NYSSA at the Handlebar on November 29th. Facebook event is here:

So far,  I’ve received an overwhelming response and support from the music community I’ve surrounded myself with. I’m happy to have said YES to this opportunity. We all have to jump into the unknown occasionally to grow as people.

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