Glovely Touchscreen Gloves


My boss gave me a pair of glovely touch screen gloves for Christmas! Maybe he thinks I am on my phone too much (sometimes). These are awesome. The entire glove is touch screen compatible (not just the tips like most gloves). They also have a little magnetic logo to keep both gloves together for all the clutsy people who lose gloves (me).

Last but not least, the tag is even a microfibre glove. Now I can stay warm while I tweet and blog this winter.

Set Yourself On Fire


What’s an album that has got you through some tumulus times? For me it is Stars’ Set Yourself on Fire. Songs like “Calendar Girl” are the reason that I’m alive today.

Last night, the band celebrated the 10th anniversary of the album and I screamed all the lyrics along with the packed audience who probably shared some similar connections to the album.

I believe that all music that connects with someone is important. What is an album that has got you through some tough times?

Christmas is Around the Corner


Christmas is around the corner! A lot of people are already off work already (not me though) so it’s all jolly times. Currently recovering from a party, running some errands, off to a concert so I will keep it short tonight! Enjoy this above photo taken in Yorkville.

Michael Kors Backpack


Last night, I purchased my first thing ever at Holt Renfrew. It’s not my usual shopping destination by any means but I really loved Michael Kors’ line of Rhea backpacks and I found one I had my heart set on there. The only problem was I had no clue how to buy anything at Holtz. I just kind of stood and stared at the backpack until someone asked me if I wanted help. They were super nice and even offered me water.

So now I’m a proud owner of the cutest edgy backpack (that I will use in lieu of my dying purse). It even fits my DSLR! Quality pieces you love are always worth purchasing once in a while.

Holiday Potlucks


Holidays are full of delicious food including potlucks! We recently had one at work on our floors. Everybody brought delicious goodies, most being homemade (besides the obvious bucket of KFC). ]

I love potlucks because it allows me to taste food of different kinds and the histories and backgrounds of different people. It also allows me to experiment with recipes which aren’t always as fun when you’re cooking for two. This time around I brought bacon-loaded devilled eggs. What is your secret potluck recipe?

How to Play Yankee Swap


I wrote about my Yankee Swap prize yesterday and a bunch of people wrote to me to ask what that was. Yankee Swap is a game you play with a super cool group of friends and family. Here are the rules:

  1. Everybody brings a wrapped gift. The less obvious what the present is (don’t wrap mugs in a mug shaped wrapper), the better. Gifts can be things you want or slightly more of a joke. Set a price range for the group.
  2. Draw numbers out of a hat. The person with #1 goes first, #2 second and so on.
  3. The first person picks a gift from the pile and unwraps it.
  4. The second person can choose to steal the first gift or unwrap a new one from the pile.
  5. The third person can choose to steal any opened gift or unwrap a new one from the pile
  6. If your gift got stolen, you can steal someone else’s, or unwrap a new one from the pile.
  7. A gift cannot be stolen twice out of the same round (ie. person #5’s round), but if you get your gift stolen you can steal it again in another round.
  8. The game keeps going until all the gifts have been unwrapped.

If you have a group of cool friends, this is so much more fun than Secret Santa!

Deep Tea Diver


I have a new member of the Fred and Friends family! I won this little guy at Yankee Swap with my blogger brunch crew over the weekend.


This tea infuser has an oxygen tank and a little plate to sit it on. How adorable. One day I will have the entire line of Fred & Friends in my kitchen.


Upgrading Life

November had me stuck in a rut. I wasn’t feeling myself. December is a little bit better. I don’t know if it just took me a bit of time to adjust to shorter days or something.

Sometimes, you just have to take time re-evaluate everything in your life and decide what’s important and ways to make change. For instance, I decided to see if I could cure my SADS with a mood lamp that emulates the sun. It’s on it’s way from Amazon world, so I’ll let you know how that goes. End of year is also a good time to look at all goals and decide on how to upgrade them next year. You’ll just have to wait to see what I come with!

Christmas Shopping Done!


This weekend I finished all my Christmas shopping. I did a combination of online/offline shopping. Amazon’s free shipping on orders over $25 has been something I have found super useful this year, saving time by allowing you to pick up multiple items at one location- the postoffice.

I love shopping for thoughtful gifts. I don’t care so much about the price of things as much as their use value and how much each item would mean to each person. If something is not going to be used or excite someone than it doesn’t matter if it was worth $1000.

This December has been so packed with events holiday related and not. It’s making the blogging challenge almost hard to meet at times but I’m at the home stretch and I’m not giving up now!

Brunch @ Barque Smokehouse


Weekends call for brunch! We recently visited Barque Smokehouse (mother of Butcher’s Bar) for a smokey brunch. We arrived around noon and were seated at the bar. The place is super popular but I didn’t find that there was too bad of a line for a Saturday. I ordered the Barque Benedict, a poached egg on corn bread with BBQ hollandaise a hash and kale salad. The hollandaise was creamy and had a lovely buttery sweetness. I wanted to lick the plate.


Nash had the Scrambled Eggs which came with smoked short ribs, mushroom jus and a kale salad. I looked over and it was gone within seconds so I assume it was delicious too!


Brunch cocktails are a thing right? Well, I decided to make it a thing so I ordered a Bourbon Smoked Sour, which is like a smokey lemonade for adults.


Nash had the Barque Bloody Caesar which was decorated around the rim with candied bacon.

If you’re looking for a BBQ-filled way to start your weekend, head over to Barque for a delicious brunch!

Barque Smokehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato