My First Vinyl Me Please Package!


I wanted to make use of my new record player so last month I signed up for Vinyl Me Please, an online record club. Note: This doesn’t count in my 30 Day Challenge as it is something that I previously subscribed to for 3 months.


My December package arrived in an adorably labeled package, in hopes that the mail carriers would handle with care (which thankfully they did).


I was surprised with Nils Frahm’s Spaces, the 36th record in the series so far.


Inside the package were record notes, original art prints as well as recipes for a drink that the record could be paired with. The record sounded beautifully warm in my player. It wasn’t something I would have consciously decided to go buy but am super proud to have on my shelf. I’m looking forward to what record I’ll be surprised with in January.

Subscribing to the club also gives you access to a store full of exclusives. If you want to sign up for Vinyl Me Please, use this link for $10 off!

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