Spark Planning My Life

I added little tabs so I could keep track of months.

I love notebooks, but I’ve always been really bad with filling them in. I found a lot of planners didn’t guide life in a valuable way. Often they were full of schedules denoting what you are doing at every hour every day. The hours where you had nothing plan would just be a waste of half a sheet of paper. I gave up on purchasing daily planners for the past couple of years until I stumbled on and Kickstarted the Spark Planner for 2016.


It begins with defining a 2016 theme and having a space to brainstorm all the things I want to achieve this year. There’s even a space to mark the dates you make those achievements on the next page. I decided that my main theme for this year is to be Brave & Creative. I’m still defining some top goals but I jotted down some weird ones.


Along with your regular monthly calendars there is what is called a “Weekly Outlook”. I love this because you can plan your days without defining every single hour (a thing which I obviously hate). This gives you a general guideline of things you want done and is actually far more motivating. Plus, if you have nothing to write they make good doodle boxes.


There’s also a weekly goals page and space to reflect and celebrate. Occasionally there are also random reflection questions that you can answer in point form or write an essay if you really wanted to.

I’m super excited for this journal and know that it will help me be the best me that I can be in 2016!

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