I Developed Some Film Finally!

Two and a half years ago I bought The Konstruktor, a DIY plastic camera. It was super weird to shoot with as the viewfinder was on the top and there was no indicator that you were using too much or too little light. A lot of it was trial and error. I finally developed some of those photos and here are a few of my favourites:

64700005 64700024 64700027 64700028 64700031 64700032 64700048 64700061 64700071 64700076 64700079 64700082 64700083 64700084 64700085 64700086 64700087 64700088 64700091 64700099 64700102

What I learned was that film is a lot harder than it looks without all the digital meters to tell you things like lighting. This is fun though. I found taking photos with film were far more thoughtful, as I couldn’t take 200 photos of the same thing without going broke. There’s something beautiful and romantic about these analog shots.

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