Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Kobo

As you know from a preview post I got a Kobo for Christmas and I loved it. However, after less than a month it already broke. I excitedly took it out of my bag after work to read on the train and was heartbroken when I saw the screen had vertical lines across it. I don’t remember putting impact on it and there isn’t much in my bag besides my wallet. Weren’t these things supposed to be portable?

I promptly submitted a ticket to Kobo and gave them a call. They pointlessly led me through “factory reset” which I already knew would do nothing because I tried it. After that they claimed it was physically damaged (maybe it is?) and that there was no other solution. They don’t do repairs nor can they recommend you a place to send it to do repairs. There are literally no solutions to a broken screen besides buy a new one. I can’t even PAY to get it fixed. But now with such terrible service, why would I want to do that?

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