Kintori Yakitori Tasting


Recently I had the pleasure of being spoiled at a Kintori Yakitori tasting. The place specializes in chicken skewers (of essentially every part of the chicken). Ramen from it’s downstairs sister Kinton Ramen can also be ordered.


Our meal began with a soothing Chicken Soup. It’s perfect for a cool day and not as salty as regular miso soup.


My first drink was a Cassis Peach Oolong which was a nice palette cleanser between skewers.


The Oshinko Moriawase is an assorted housemade japanese pickles. Each piece had a slightly different taste and salt.


The Negima (chicken thigh & skallion) was tender. I added spicy flakes for flavour.


Zuri (chicken gizzard) was a bit strange and chewy so not for the faint of heart.


Nikumiso Kyabetsu was a cabbage salad with house made chicken miso dip.


The Tebasaki (chicken wing) would be a hit with every fried chicken wing fan.


One of my favourites was the Uzura Kushi Age, panko breaded deep-fried quail eggs.


I never thought Sapporo and lemonade with be super delicious!


Their skewered beef tongue was so good that I wouldn’t even have thought it was tongue if no one told me!


For those afraid of crazy parts the regular chicken meatball (Tsukune) was super satisfying.


Hatsu (chicken heart) was a bit chewy.


Reba (chicken heart) was a flavourful hearty bite.


Who can resist deep fried asparagus wrapped with bacon?


This Negi Shio Gyu was a beef with delicious scallion sauce.


The Dashi Maki was a fluffy omelette.


I was getting super full but this Yaki Onigiri (char-grilled rice ball with plum filling and teriyaki) was an interesting blend of salty and sweet.


Once again we were blessed with the green tea creme brûlée, which I could’ve eaten 10 of!

If you like skewers, Kintori Yakitori is definitely the place for you to try every part of the chicken (and much more). Or if you’re a frequent Kinton Ramen (in Korea Town) visitor, you can order from both menus on both floors.

This meal was complimentary but views are my own. 

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