Nash and I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s usually so commercial and stressful for couples to try and plan some perfect romantic date. Those should come occasionally in surprises throughout the year instead of one day. However, I did participate in Galentine’s Day which was a fantastic way for girl friends to gather together for a night of laughter and positivity!



We gathered around a spread of food and goodies. Not pictured was a delicious soup and splendid vegetarian lasagna. There was also a Mexican Chocolate Pie. My friends are awesome cooks.


Afterwards we gathered around and gave each other candies and fun little gifts.



Everybody’s things were so cute!


I actually had no idea what I was supposed to bring to Galentine’s as I’ve never been to one so I hand painted these punny cards which were a hit.



My Galentine’s haul is enough chocolate for the week!


Also this cute little horse eraser guy.


Galentine’s owns Valentine’s Day hands down!

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