Make the Food You Are Craving

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DIY ramen

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Lately, I’ve been letting myself indulge in my food cravings but with one precedent: I have to make it from scratch (or close to it) myself. It seems like a hassle but it is even more satisfying when you get to eat the final product that you made with your own hands.

For example, the other night I craved Japanese ramen (the kind you get at a noodle house, not a package of Nong Shim). I decided to make it myself! I went to an Asian grocery store and picked out noodles, broth, pork and veggies. I cooked and combined all the ingredients and made a delicious bowl of Tonkatsu Shio Ramen. It was a success and in making it at home, I saved money and was more conscious on what was goning in it.

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